Thursday, February 28, 2013

Apples for Tot & Preschool

Apples for Tot & Preschool

Fall is the perfect time for an Apple Unit. I have a whacky allergy that prevents me from eating fruits with birch pollen in them, including apples, so we don't always have apples on hand. The first thing I did was get a variety of apples and label them. We talked about diversity while we talked about apples.

Can they remember which apple is which variety ?

 Time to peel the apple ! I love that this peeler is clear so you can see the gears moving.
How does the apple feel now ? Smell ? Taste?

We made apple stamps and apple crisp. Then we  made a lovely letter "a" is for apples craft.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gingerbread Man Unit

Gingerbread Man Unit

 We started our unit writing down everything we thought we already knew about the story of The Gingerbread Man

 We read along with the story....
And then we talked about what choices the Gingerbread Man had.
We made some predictions about what would have happened if he had gone into the water instead of on the fox.....

We observed.....

We talked about how we also have choices to make in life that have consequences.

We recorded our observations.

We practiced lines of symmetry and we designed our own futuristic Gingerbread Man !
We made a book putting the pictures in sequential order.
We laminated an outline of a gingerbread man and used it as a lacing activity.

And then we ended it in the best way..... by eating a Gingerbread Man !

Sensory Trays for Tot & Preschool

Sensory Trays for Tot & Preschool

One of my favourite activities to do with young children are Sensory Trays. Sensory trays are used for many reasons. One of my main goals with children under three is to have them come when they are called and focus on their work with a good attitude. This is so important and makes homeschooling years to come so much more enjoyable !
When you set up your tray be sure to include many textures and a variety of things to scoop or pour and such. You can make your tray match a unit theme, colour , concept or anything that your child may be passionate about.The development of the fine motor skills is a must for preparing to write.

This tray is from our Penguin Unit. It was a great opportunity for all the children to be involved and participate at their own level.
We also make colour themed trays !

Here are two of our coloured themed trays. Winter Blues and Yellow.

The holidays are another great opportunity to create a fun sensory activity for your child !
This was our Valentine's Day tray complete with containers to open and close, textures, scoops and containers.

And I simply could not resist sharing this picture our youngest last year - thrilled to bits at receiving his very own first tray !

Sometimes the best trays are the quickest to assemble. A couple good strong magnets and some pipe cleaners that have been cut into smaller pieces. Colourfully eye catching and a simple introduction to magnetic force.