Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Frog Life Cycles

Frog Life Cycles

Here's a simple frog lifecycles Unit Study 

Our Unit Theme shelf

Great for reviewing
An easy activity

I added pieces as I explained what the life cycle was
Felt and foam , craft eyes for eggs and puffy flower stickers

Spring Chicken

Spring Chicken !

Our themed shelf

It seems that Spring may finally be arriving ! It has been a long and brutal winter here in Canada this year. We've anxiously been waiting for the weather to be nice enough to put away mitts and such. While we were waiting however, there was no reason we couldn't start our "Spring" themes indoors in our unit studies !

As I often do I set up our shelf by the calendar with theme related books and props that the boys could look at to be inspired and jog their memories. 

We dyed some eggs


Hard boil the eggs and cool

Tap them to "Crack" the shell in various places and set them in dyed water for at least 24hrs

Peel shell
Beautiful Eggs !

 We searched for Gwen's eggs...


Sneaky way to add in a non-Easter egg hunt !

We weaved in the Easter Message

Resurrection Eggs

From the book "Little Red Hen" we milled some flour 



Other activities not pictured included Decorating styrofoam eggs with push pins and jeweled stickers
Baking bread
Fine motor ; wind up toy races, open and closing plastic eggs
Craft jointed toy paper chicken craft
Poem Chickens Everywhere