Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Buzz....The Bee Unit

Unit Shelf

Yellow is my favourite colour. It makes me so very happy. Just  looking at this unit makes me feel good.
I start my units by setting up a shelf, which I keep up all week long.

We work our way through the books during our calendar time. Today we went straight to the fun of tasting the different types of bee honey goodness !

Liquid honey/cream honey/honey comb/bee pollen

The boys enjoyed some bee themed puzzle making ...

.... Some stencils and rubbings..... 

Taking advantage of this theme  to go through the book  Another Hive of Bees  www.master-press.com

As we read the short story we add another bee to our hive

It has short stories that help build character :
Bee Careful
Bee Orderly
Bee Thoughtful
Bee Diligent
Bee Unselfish
Bee Determined
Bee Loyal
Bee Truthful
Bee Teachable
Bee Patient
Bee Confident
Bee Honest
Bee Thankful

Of course my two year old is still enjoying sensory bins so this one was for him -

For my Busy Boy

Fingerprint Bees


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