Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Colours, Colours ! 

Leading into spring we did an all things colourful unit. We spent a good component reading our Easter books but we also touched on spring theme and St.Patrick's Day.

A great experiment with plants and colours !  We did this activity first to give the flowers plenty of time to suck up the colour !

 Time to mix the colours! Make sure you trim the stems so they are freshly cut going into the coloured water.

Voila ! Perfect ! Took about three days

A great fine motor activity.

Cutting straws and lacing them. I have a whole collection
of these precious necklaces

Using reusable dollar store ice cubes for patterning

Everything colourful for this unit -

We tied in a St.Patrick's Day activity that included a rainbow,
and my 5 year old worked on some water paintings.

This activity was lots of fun and easy to put together.

First collect some basics colour paint samples. Your child can then cut along the lines.

I made up some boxes with each colour written on. My child is working on some sight words. You could make it easy and match the marker you use to the colour written on the box, depending on where your child's level is. then I made a slit on the top.

The child then sorts out the colours and uses the slit to put each shade into the corresponding box.

Finally we had a big reveal as I opened each box to find all the same colours !

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