Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Stone Soup


First, my apologies for my slightly inaccurate title. This unit had more to do with soup in general than the classic story of Stone Soup. Using Stone Soup as our initial launch into the unit I was able to include other fantastic stories and tie in a more rounded study for my kindergarden and grade one student.

I found a couple of versions on youtube and we after watching them we created a Venn Diagram to compare and contrast the versions of the same story. It was the first introduction to Venn Diagrams for them and as you likely know, Venn Diagrams are used across many subjects all through school years so even at an early age it's good to get the children familiar with them.
Venn Diagram  (This was my favourite !)

The boys also worked on a paper set of ingredients that they coloured and cut out to store in their cauldron. They carefully selected their colours and I was happy to see that one child thought to make a parsnip and they each chose different colours for the peppers !

You can find the printables here

We also did some poetry/chanting during our calendar time - when I typically do most of the unit study work.

I made each of the boys a copy which they cut and pasted onto the background and put into their cauldron with the other ingredients.

The printable is here.

You can actually do a lot more literacy activities using a poem - like circling certain words, or finding particular letter or rhyming words. We didn't do it for this study but we have and I know we will again another time.



potato stamps

Our Second story was Boy Soup , by Loris Lesynski.  

I would recommend it ! It has all the delightful twisted plot line of a typical fairy tale with a heart warming moral tie in at the end.

I chose to do a stamping activity with paint for this day. I kept the colours to white and brown and used potatoes , because they fit into the colour scheme that I was emphasizing. 




 Our final Story was Delicious, by Helen Cooper.This story was all about orange so we did a bit of colour mixing and then used vegetables in the same colour family as our implements. 
vegetable painting

There are lots more expansion activities that could have been done - most obvious perhaps is that we did not actually make any real soup !  But if you are a homeschooling mom in particular, give yourself an extra dose of grace.  I myself am homeschooling five boys , kindergarden through high school this year.  It's not always possible to spend our days in endless crafts and games. I definitely make time for that, I think it's so important. But if you are doing your best and really embracing those things that you can do sometimes it's more than enough to let things go.  




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