Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Humpty Dumpty Egg Unit

Humpty Dumpty & Egg Unit

Spring is the perfect time for an egg unit ! Eggs are everywhere! I didn't want to make eggs a tie in for Easter though so we are doing a unit on Humpty Dumpty instead.
We started with me introducing the poem and then the boys followed along.
Then I asked them to work together and make a wall that Humpty could sit on.
Imagine their delight as we sat down a REAL egg, complete with a face, and acted out the poem. SPLAT ! Poor Humpty !

It's easy to make stories come to life !

A closer examination was necessary....

Hands on learning as often as you can !
What fun

Then we sat together and tried to solve the mystery.... What happened ? How did Humpty Dumpty manage to fall off that wall ? 

the things they come up with  



While the younger children focused on the letter "H"....

age 2

age 4

My grade 1 child answered and illustrated what they did with the broken pieces....

age 6

We identified rhyming words ...

4 year old underlined and the 6 year old also rewrote the words

And then we made a craft. Sponge painting a brick wall for Humpty Dumpty !

Worked well for a multi aged group

Working carefully

He took it so seriously !

I let my two year old play with the cleaned up egg shells.


It bounced !
Puppets to act out the story using your arm as the wall
The shell disappears
The King wasn't the only one with an army

Science for little ones !

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