Saturday, March 16, 2013

Stepping into Spring

Stepping into Spring ! 

Enjoying some of the trails around our house

Checking out the creek
Every year we kick off into spring with a Signs of Spring walk around our neighbourhood.
It's always such a great time ! Our academic year approaches the end and we look forward to  more fun , free time and sunshine ! 
I will quickly share some of the activities we have done in the last couple of years before spring officially kicks off next week and we venture out for this year.

Sorting out the treasures
When we go for out signs of spring nature walk we always stop to observe - using all our senses. The boys love to collect treasures to bring home. As you could imagine with 5 boys that can certainly end up being a LOT of twigs and pebbles ! So we have a rule that what we collect will have to fit into our egg carton nature kit.

Creating a masterpiece !
On other occasions we may bring home some too-hard-to-resist larger items. We may make a collage or use them to create art works. When we are done we can get rid of the branches , etc, and have a lovely keepsake to hang on our wall.

Working hard and loving it !
Kids love to do grown up jobs and can easily be taught that work can be enjoyable !

Plastic eggs are plentiful during the spring and can be used in so many fun ways ! In this picture I filled pairs of eggs with items like ; rice, shells, water , buttons - use whatever you have on hand. Kids will have to sit very quietly and concentrate in order to match up the sounds ! The best one contained chocolate chips which of course, they got to enjoy for  a job well done !

 Keep a steady hand
Lots of hand eye coordination is needed for these wobbly eggs !

Hair ties from the dollar store

A simple bag of colourful hair ties from a dollar store can provide numerous activities from sorting to patterning. You can use them as counters for math. Be creative and make the most of all your items ! 

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