Monday, March 4, 2013

Old Electronics

Old Electronics

This weekend we turned off the screens for the day.  I won't even get into the evils of too much TV and media. Another day, another blog. What resulted was a really fun day. As a matter of fact my oldest built a catapult out of household items. Fortunately I interrupted his plans and her forgot to return to them. When I went into my room that evening there was a big X marked out on my floor with electric tape , as I closed the door to check out the situation the doorknob had been rigged... there on the floor was a note to me. It said if I was reading this I had walked into a trap. I looked over and there was the catapult set up with a bucket of Lego ammunition beside it. Oh the joy of living with boys.

My middle child is very inquisitive. He is the kids who takes apart toys and reinvents them. He has quite the analytical mind ! So I've started to save him broken down electronics. What's the worst that could happen ? They might get fixed. Or he might create something new. Or he might learn how things work. Or he might just have fun. It's an all around winning situation. His latest project is he is trying to figure out how to x-ray a rock to see inside it. Of course at the moment I am not giving him anything that can be plugged in for his own safety ! 

Dissecting the camera

The tools....

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